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Term Of Service

Private Mailbox (PMB) Rental Agreement

This Private Mailbox Rental Agreement is made by and between  _______________   ____ referred to as “Lessee” and BCM Mail And Ship, hereinafter referred to as “Agent”, and will be governed by these private mail box terms and conditions of agreement to which each party agrees:

1. Mailbox Lessee agrees to use services in accordance with Agent rules and in compliance with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), as well as, Federal, State and Local codes, statutes, and regulations. USPS mail and Common Carrier packages will not be accepted for anyone who:
   A: Does not have a properly executed and current Application for Delivery of  Mail Through Agent (PS Form 1583) on file.
   B: Does not accept the terms of this rental agreement.
   C: Lessee will NOT sublease or loan the use of their PMB service to anyone. This is expressly prohibited. To do so will result in the
       Lessee’s agreement termination of service without recourse, i.e., result in cancellation of service without notice, refund or mail
       forwarding (if requested). This is considered to be “theft of service” and in violation of the this agreement. Furthermore, all USPS
       mail and Common Carrier parcels arriving for non-registered individuals will be immediately returned, at sender’s expense,
       utilizing the same service as shipped, without notice.

2. By completing this agreement and USPS Form 1583, the Lessee appoints Agent as their agent for the receipt of USPS and Common Carrier mail/parcels for a period not to exceed that for which rent has been paid in advance. All mail/parcels addressed to the mailbox Lessee will be delivered and placed in the assigned Lessee’s mailbox (on line mail box) in a timely manner. Once mail/parcels have been placed in the Lessee’s mailbox, it shall be deemed to have been delivered to Lessee. Agent is not responsible for failure of the USPS or Common Carriers to:
   A: Deliver mail/parcels.
   B: Deliver it in a timely fashion.
   C: In an undamaged condition.
   D. Furthermore, no liability can be assumed for the contents of the mail/parcels in the private mailboxes or on the premises in the
       event of damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, war, or acts of God.

3. The mailbox Lessee is responsible for the proper and truthful completion of a USPS Form 1583 which is to be kept on file at the Local Posts Office and BCM Mail And Ship. A USPS Form 1583 must be completed for each Family/Company for which mail is expected to be delivered by the terms of  this agreement. The terms of this mailbox rental agreement apply to each of these individual's and entities. Furthermore, the mailbox Lessee agrees not to use the private mailbox for any purpose prohibited by USPS regulations as well as Federal, State, Local codes, statutes, and regulations, or for any illegal or illegitimate purpose. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of mailbox service without notice. All information provided by Lessee is confidential and will not knowingly be disclosed to anyone without Lessee’s prior consent except as outlined in PS Form 1583. If Agent suspects the private mail box rental service is for any purpose other than its intended purpose, Agent has the right to notify or refer to the appropriate legal authority its suspicions. Agent is irrevocably directed by the Lessee to not provide mail forwarding service to the Lessee if Mail box closure is under the conditions cited in this paragraph.

4. All private mail box fees are due and payable in advance. If the mailbox rent is not paid within 30 working days after the mail box rental agreement is signed or expires, the agreement will be considered null and void, the box closed, mail received handled in accordance with USPS DMM. Agent Fees are not prorated and do not provide refunds in the event the mail box Lessee cancels service prior to its agreed expiration date.

5. Lessee agrees Agent will not accept mail/parcels for more than:
   A. One Family.
   B. One Company with employees noted on 1583.

6. Upon discontinuing, cancellation, and/or termination of the Lessee mailbox the Lessee is responsible for:
   A. Postal change of address.
   B. Notifying all correspondents with a suitable and proper forwarding address and/or shipping address information.
   C. Understanding USPS mail and Common Carrier packages, once delivered to Agent, will not be forwarded without authorizing Agent
       to utilize one of the following forwarding options:
   D. Place $25.00 deposit to cover anticipated forwarding cost used for this purpose of all Mail/Parcels.

7. All USPS mail and Common Carrier packages received by Agent improperly addressed will be immediately returned, at sender’s
    expense, Utilizing the same service as shipped.

8. In the event Agent commits or fails to commit any act which results in disruption of service to Lessee, and Lessee thereby suffers a loss, Agent liability shall be limited to not more than the amount Agent has vested in the Lessee’s Private Mailbox Rental Agreement service's not yet received. Lessee agrees and understands that in no event shall damages include but not be limited to loss of profits or revenues, loss of goodwill, loss of use or interruption to the Lessee. Under no circumstance, will Agent be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances will Agent be liable for any and all printed material prepared or purchased by the Lessee using or referencing the Agent private mailbox number address.

9. Lessee agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless Agent from and against any and all claims, demands, and causes of action of any nature what so ever relative to use of Agent facilities or service, and any expense of Agent incurred in a defense against same shall be reimbursed by Lessee. Lessee understands the relationship of the parties.

10. Agent will receive and sign for the Lessee all USPS Fed EX, UPS, and other such similar Common Carriers packages/parcels which are properly addressed to the Lessee. Under no circumstance will Agent be accountable, nor liable for, any and all such material. Special circumstances, such as, high volume/ number of parcels, may require assessment of a per package additional fee. Lessee further agrees that parcels delivered to Agent for the Lessee will be delivered by Common Carrier only deliveries will be made, and that no hazardous or dangerous material will be delivered to Lessee. Failure to adhere to any of these delivery stipulations may result in termination of service. All unclaimed USPS mail and Common Carrier packages will be returned to sender, at sender’s expense.

11. Lessee agrees to use the address designation “A????  Box ????” to designate their address. NO OTHER DESIGNATION IS VALID. Specifically excluded is the use of suite, apt., dept., or other designators. The USPS may refuse to deliver any piece of mail that does not include the A???? Box ???? designation. Applicant is responsible for notifying correspondents of the above address designation. The address to be used by applicant for the purpose of receiving USPS mail and Common Carrier packages is: (USPS Mail/Parcel and Common Carrier UPS/Fed Ex/Other) Physical Address Format)

Lessee Name: ???????????
Company: ??????????????
852 W Cowell St
A????  Box  ????
Quartzsite AZ 85346


13. If Registering Vehicle: when service is not renewed BCM Mail And Ship will notify DVM that you are no longer at this address and all mail will be returned to addressee.

14. In accordance with USPS Regulations, all accountable (certified, certified with returned receipt, express, registered, insured.) USPS mail will be accepted by Agent on behalf of the Lessee.


I have read and understand the above agreement and policies and accept the terms. Authorized designated personnel of Agent to receive/accept and sign for any certified, certified with return receipt, express, registered, or insured mail or parcels addressed to me. For legal notification purposes, this mail will be considered to have been delivered to the Addressee/Lessee. I also hereby release from liability Agent and any personnel so designated by Agent regarding the loss of any certified, certified with returned receipt, express, registered or insured mail.


      Termination Addendum:

  I have read and understand the above agreement and policies and accept the terms.

     Lessee: Signature: ______________________    Date Signed: _______________